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Brake Service

Brake Repairs in Summerville, South Carolina

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6 Signs You Need Your Brakes Inspected:

  • When metal from the calipers grinds against the metal of the rotors this can cause a grinding or squealing sound
  • If your brake pads are thin which means they are usually less than 1/4 inch thick
  •  If your car starts pulling in different directions on its own
  • Warped rotors which can be caused by the brake pads being improperly installed, misshapen or bent.
  •  If your brake pedal either touches the floor before it is fully engaged (soft pedal) or you have to apply maximum amount of pressure before the pedal actually engages (hard pedal)
  • Vibrating or pulsing occurs when the brakes are applied even under normal conditions
Having your brakes inspected will not only save you money but also ensure safety each and every time you and others are on the road. At Morrison Automotive & Truck, we use the latest equipment and up to date technology to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of properly. Make an appointment to have your brakes inspected and repaired today. We service the Summerville, Charleston, Goose Creek and Ladson, South Carolina, areas!