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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair Services in Summerville, South Carolina

Close up of car timing belt in modern car.

Keep Your Car in Optimal Condition

Vehicles undergo a lot of wear and tear. Even normal usage can result in quite a bit of damage to its infrastructure. This absolutely includes the engine, the electronics and the inner mechanical workings of the automobile.
Few parts of the car undergo as much stress as your transmission. This device provides your car with the flexibility necessary to change speeds and provide more capable control over the acceleration of your car. Whenever you speed up or slow down, the transmission takes on the bulk of the work.
That’s a lot of work. Because they do a lot for your car, transmissions need to be cared for in order to keep running the way they’re supposed to.

Transmission Services and Repairs

Not every faulty transmission needs hefty repairs. Often, all it takes is a little lubrication and maintenance to keep the gears and shafts working.
On the other hand, we sometimes see transmissions that won’t run with even a good and thorough inspection. When placed under undue pressure for an extended period of time or crushed in a particularly hazardous accident, transmissions can break. 
A broken transmission means a broken car. If your transmission is broken, you’ll need to get it fixed right away.

Services for Summerville

Fortunately for you, Morrison Automotive & Truck has been tackling even the most finicky transmissions for over 25 years. We have the expertise and know-how to set your gears back in order. We know the difference between a sprained or slowed transmission and one that needs to be replaced.
When you work with us, you can rely on our expertise and our dedication to providing the very best services for each of our customers.

Keep the Speed You Need

It’s no overstatement to say that a healthy transmission is vital. The overall quality of your driving experience is directly affected by the integrity of this component.
You’re trying to go places. Allow us to assist you by keeping your car’s various parts moving the way they should. Come by today for a routine inspection to make sure that your vehicle’s transmission is in optimal condition.